Chute Lift / Cattle Crush

In big farms, animal care is a time-consuming work all by itself and this is Hydraulic Animal Care Device of high technology designed by Markim Machine in order that farmers can save time and labor. It is a unique machine for farmer; it has been designed as so it can take pull anywhere in the barn. It has chute lifting mechanism where it is controlled by arms on both sides.

Multi point control levers provide easy usage. External power outlet is available on both sides for easy use. It is used for hoof care, bovines, insemination, small surgical operations. Hydraulic system for compressing front legs is sensitive to over compressing and the rear side is grill-patterned in case of defecation of the animal.

Technical Properties

Name Chute Lift
Model MAR KST1
Type Mobil
Material ST-37 Acyrlic Pain
Operation System Lifting, Squeezing, Self Headlock,Size Adjustment
Oparations Hoof Trimming, Breast Controls, Ear tagging, Insemination, Surgical Operations
Ground Surface Anti slip Rubber
Power 3 kW
Voltage 380 V
Control Box PLC control
Dimension 100 x 300 x 265 CM
Weight 2450 KG
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