Compost Drum

Solid manure discharged from the separator is carried through the an insulated rotary drum (A type of biological reactor). In this drum thanks to aerobic bacterias there is aerobical decomposition. By the result of this decomposition heat and moisture occures. By the heat the insects, rootstocks, larvae, harmful microorganisms, seeds and harmful patogens in the manure disappear.

The manure, which is given to the drum at a certain humidity ratio, breaks down the manure of the bacteria formed in the aerobic medium and reaches the resultant heat of 68-70 oC. At these temperatures, the weeds, seeds, pathogens and harmful bacteria present in the fertilizer are destroyed and the manure becomes hygienic. Packaging system is installed in our barrels with 25 m3 capacity in a day, and you can packaged and then sell your pure organic manure you would obtain.

Technical Properties

Name Composting Drum
Model MAR GKT20
Products Bedding/Compost
Type Chain Driven
Capacity 7-20 m3/day
Seperator Available
Cabin Included
Blower Included
Driven Unit Single
Power 7,5- 15  kW
Control Box PLC Control Box
Body Material ST-37
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