Itching Brush

As it clean all dirt and dust from the skin, enables the skin to breathe, removes the external parasites on the skin, massages the capillary veins and accelerates the blood flow. It provides animal with psychological comfort and increase the milk and meat productivity significantly and contributes to development of animal to a large extent. It provides a clear look, a bright feather structure free from dirt and dust. It has been demonstrated that it increases milk and meat productivity of animal up to 10%. It consumes electricity at 0,18 Kw and 220 W electric and it installation is too simple and easy. Its brush has a feature to turn down in case the tail of animal squeezes. It release the lapped tail. Machine is been fully automatic and operates with a angle sensor.

Technical Properties

Name Itching Brush
Model MAR OHF40
Type Vertical
Body Hot Dip Galvanised
Power 0,18 KW
Safety Tail lap protection
Operation system Angle Sensible sensor
Piece of Brush 7
Dimensions 45 x 102 x 139 CM
Weight 70 KG
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