Compost Turner

It is designed to make compost (organic fertilizer) by periodically mixing (20-45days) the manure piles or solid waste piles that have been separated from the liquid in the farms. The moisture content must be between 12% and 18% for solid wastes or manure to be removed from harmful substances (pathogens) and to be able to become an organic compost or packaged.

For this to be continuously contacted with oxygen, the carbon dioxide gas that accumulates in the final batch of chemical reactions needs to be thrown out. The carbon dioxide that accumulates in the mass replaces with oxygen and turns it into homogeneous particles. Specially designed Compost Mixing machine presents high quality for farmers other than standard.

Technical Properties

Model MAR CTU25
Operation Type Pull By Tactor
Drum Width 250 CM
Pile Height 160 CM
Aeration Capacity 650 M3/Hr
Pile Dimensions 250 x 150 CM
Power Requirement Min 60 HP Tractor
Control Hydraulic Control
Dimensions 270 x 140 x 165 CM
Weight (KG) 4.400 KG
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