Manure Seperators

It is time to turn the manure to the Money, accumulated in manure pit. Separators will help to separate the manure as Solid and Liquid which you discharge from the manure pit by the help of pump. manure transferred to separator. Separator seperate as solid manure with humidity rate of 65% to 75%. You can store the solid manure as piles and also drain the filtered liquid manure into your liquid manure pit.

Separators manufactured with the patented technology of Markim Machine and high quality materials. Our separators, at the same time, can design and manufacturing according to the sector applications like in Olive oil, Paper, Food, Refining, Wood and Chipboard Sectors as well.

Technical Properties

Model MAR 600 MAR 800 MAR 800 HD
Type Dairy Manure Dairy Manure Dairy Manure
Adjustment Weight Blocks Weight Blocks Weight Blocks
Capacity inlet 35 m3/hr 45 m3/hr 30 m3/hr
Capacity outlet 10 m3/hr 15 m3/hr 3 m3/hr
Moisture Rate %65-75 %65-75 %50-55
Power 5.5 KW 5.5 KW 5.5 KW
Material AISI 304 AISI 304 AISI 304
Filter Screen AISI 316 L AISI 316 L AISI 316 L
Dimensions CM 85 x 225 x 195 85 x 245 x 195 85 x 245 x 195
Ağırlık (KG) 495 545 560
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