Submersible Manure Pump

It provides to discharge the homogenously mixed manure from the manure pit to an intended place. Pumps are designed to work in heavy conditions. The chopper blades provide the breaking and cutting of many foreign materials in the manure pit. Platform on which pump is installed is produced according to depth and sizes of your manure pit and works as submersible type operation.

Technical Properties

Power 7,5 KW 11 KW 15 KW
Working Type Submersible Submersible Submersible
Spindle (42CrMo4) (42CrMo4) (42CrMo4)
Speed 1450 rpm (50Hz) 1450 rpm (50Hz) 1450 rpm (50Hz)
Capacity 30-35 M3 / Saat 35-40 M3 / Saat 40-45 M3 / Saat
Voltage 380 V 380 V 380 V
Material GG25 Casted Body GG25 Casted Body GG25 Casted Body
Platform Available Available Available
Hoist Crane Available Available Available
Dimensions (cm) 53 x 85 x 37 63 x 85 x 42 70 x 85 x 57
Weight (KG) 126 140 170
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