Manure Packing Machine

The packaging machine is a very important machine which ensures that the products are packaged and protected easily. Packaging is also an important process for protecting human health. In the packaging process, operations are performed to store the product for a long time. This situation also has an important point in selling the products.

It is clear that this leads to serious changes in consumers’ purchasing habits. As a result, the packaging machine gains importance at this point. If you want to use these products to grow your business, you will definitely need a packaging machine.

Technical Properties

Name Packaging Machine
Model MAR PKT25
Type Mobile/Fixed
Package Capacity 25-50 kg
Loadcell 4 point
Material St-37
Control Box PLC Controlled
Tolerance ± 0,5 kg
Feeding Auger/ Conveyor Belt
Sewing Available
Dimensions 300X 150 X 120  CM
Weight 1500 Kg
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